Rough Top Conveyor Belt

India’s notable Rough Top Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

When there is a need of the conveyor belt that can successfully convey the boxes or lumber up to 35° angle, then our rough top conveyor belt is the superlative solution for your application need. The adequately rough surface of this conveyor provides significant gripping and hence competent to handle transportation at the inclination. The impression printing of this rough top conveyor belt is immensely accepted in the industries for conveying the roughest and abrasive products at the cost effective rates and hence is admired in the market at the considerable extent. The mesh like pattern of PVC/PU material helps in mollifying and cushioning the vibration and impact during the transportation and thusly assists in preventing the slipping of the respective product. The other advantage of availing our rough top conveyor belt is its utmost quality PVC/PU material, helping imparting supreme resistivity against abrasion, corrosion, cut and wear.

This conveyor belt is developed in accordance with the international quality standards and hence promises for the highest quality, reliability and consistency, thanks to the proven methods of manufacturing and strict observation during the same, which is basically a multi layered conveyor belt, with the top cover of the PVC/PU rough top material and hence it includes added advantage of the corrosion, oil, chemical, impact, water and heat resistance. Other than, the nontoxic nature of the PVC/PU material has made it the supreme alternative for the industries associated with the food processing, finding its application in , packed goods, bagged, boxed, paper converting, paper manufacturing, metal stamping, metal parts, mineral oil, vegetable oil, horticulture, recycling and all other analogous applications.

Rough Top Conveyor Belts suppler in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

With respect to the high demand of this rough top conveyor belt in the variegated application, we as a manufacturer has presented it in the assorted array of the dimensions to accomplish the requirement of every industry associated with the material handling. Further, custom made service for the same can be availed upon the customer request at the affordable rates.

Significant Benefits of Our Rough Top Conveyor Belt:

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