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Our Mantra is Full Effort, Full Customer Satisfaction, and Full Victory.

1991, is a year of the instigation of the Shetty Enterprise and Mr. Rajesh Shetty is an ingenious personality behind the occurrence of the organization. Manufacturing best in class quality of the conveyor belt to promote the productivity of the every industry associated with the automation system has remained the major objective of the organization from the day first and making serious efforts in the same direction. Further, customer has remained the first priority for us, and to surpass their expectations, our team of the professional stalwartly working to attain thereof and that attitude of ours toward customers has helped us to thrive in the business.

Today, we hold 20+ years of experience in manufacturing PU conveyor belt, and hence the expertise in thereof, helping us to understand market trend, technology and accordingly propose the modernized range of the PVC/PU conveyor belt that is contemporary, high quality and trustworthy to get any job done easily. Correspondingly, the experience has also helped us to design and manufacture and present extensive inventory of the  PVC conveyor belt to match every application requirement at the best, our 180+ gamut of the industrial conveyor belt is an evidence of the same that is available worldwide at the most competitive rates. Our range of industrial rubber conveyor belt is outperforming in the different industries, among food, pharmaceutical, mining, agriculture, packaging, marble and textile are some of.


Teamwork, technological affluence and tireless commitment, is what we continue since the day first and is what has helped us to accomplish excellence in the every conveyor belt. All the members of our team are with us since a long and hence hold significant experience helping them to go more innovatively leveraging the knowledge of the technology and prevailing trend. The frequent training and seminars about technology honing the skills and helping them accomplish the unmatched quality of the conveyor belts efficiently, is one of the reasons for our on-time accomplishment of the orders and delivery.


For imparting innovation in the conveyor belt, it is essential to have the state of the art facilities, is what we pursue. Our huge investment in the high precision cutting machine, “Shaw Almex” vulcanizer, and high frequency welding machine manifests our obsession towards technology and innovation, promoting us to obtain unmatched quality conveyor belts and act upon stringent quality checks to ensure its compliance and quality aspects. Other than, the allotment of the large space in the inventory stock enabling us to promptly fulfill the need of the end user and keep stock of the all possibly assortment that is high in demand.

Quality Assurance

Conveyor Belt Testing

Customer satisfaction is the paramount and which can be surpassed by proffering quality at the competitive prices and therefore we adhere to the stringent quality checks, wherein we analyze strength, persistency, tolerance, degradation resistance of PVC/PU conveyor belts against light duty, general and heavy duty material handling. We have an adept team of the quality analyst who are qualified to perform comprehensive testing evaluation on material (PVC/PU) ahead of taking in use as well as every PVC/PU conveyor belts. Material analysis, abrasion resistance testing, adhesion resistance testing, are some of the other testing that our team performs deeply ahead of forwarding for the shipment.

Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 Approved Organization FDA Approved Conveyor Belts

Shetty Enterprise is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, that exhibits the all the manufacturing practices conforms to the complete set of the rules outlined by the ISO bodies and is also implies that our conveyor belt are engineered to the highest standards in the industry and exhibits the quality, safety and reliability quotient of the end product.

What makes us ISO 9001 certified firm?


To provide unmatched solution associated with the end user conveyor belt requirement to upgrade their operations while optimizing cost.


To strive for excellence and innovation in everything we do and be a trustworthy partner of the consumers worldwide.


Improve Quality
Increase Sustainability
Increase Flexibility
Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
Reduce Costs


With cutting edge production facilities and uncompromising approach to the quality, we have outspread our footholds in the every state of the India and is what exhibits our popularity and our dedication towards our product and service, making us a leading player in conveyor belt. Additionally, our custom made conveyor belt service is completely customer centric, enabling us to gain the trust of the consumers for delivering the solution to their specification need.
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