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Selecting a conveyor belt for chemical is not a small matter as the material decides the level of safety, reliability and life expectancy, however, there are many conveyor belts have failed to serve all three benefits at once. With an objective to proffer best in class alternative that truly prove its worthiness; here we are with an exhaustive range of the conveyor belts for chemical industries sharing unmatched features that are going to be a worthy investment for you. Following the thorough research on the material and technology, we have engineered a hot selling range of the chemical conveyor belt procuring the topmost quality PVC/PU material that is also strengthened by means of the hot vulcanization technology to make it more robust and superior against the varying range of the chemicals. The offered range conforms to the all international standards and hence highly accepted at the world level for the variegated chemical applications, incorporating conveying corrosive material that holds acid/ alkali, mining, paper mills, chemical plants, fertilizer plants and all other products that encloses chemicals.

The excellent resistance against the chemicals, aggressive chemicals, temperature, oxidation, corrosion are amongst the best attributes of our chemical conveyor belt that entitle it to flourish unfailingly, even under the harshest conditions and proffer the longer life expectancy to the belt. The offered conveyor belt for the chemical industry is fire retardant also that ensures the safety of your system in case of any fire hazard that is one of the best features for which has influenced the wide chemical industries to invest in, available in the different designs to promote horizontal, inclined as well as perpendicular conveying of the chemicals, wherein clear, sidewall and different profile patterns are available for the best match. An individual can select the one that meets all the requirements, whereas go for customization that is also available at the best rates.

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Best Features of Our Conveyor Belts for Chemical Industry:

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