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Meat/Poultry Conveyor Belts Manufacturer in India

When it comes to the meat or poultry processing, to ensure the farthest quality of the finished product, sanitation is paramount at every single stage of the processing and the equipment contacting to meat or poultry. We as a manufacturer of the conveyor belt comprehend the essentiality of the hygiene in the meat and poultry industries and to meet the needs of the industries indulged in thereof, we have developed absolutely hygienic series of the of the conveyor belt for meat and poultry that promises for the 100% sanitation spanning its lifetime. The highest focus during the material selection for us was the nonporous surface to prevent the accumulation of the contaminant and growth of bacteria, whereas the easy to clear surface was equally important for us, which we found in the PVC/PU material.

The excellent water resistance aspect entitles easy wash of the conveyor belt for the sanitation, whereas the non porous surface prevents accumulation of bacteria and ensures completely hygienic base for processing meat and poultry. The FDA accreditation for our conveyor belt is significant testimony of its non toxic and hygienic quotient. Further, the material (PVC/PU) used in the construction of the conveyor belt is strengthened by hot vulcanizing technology that makes it the perfect match for every type of the meat or poultry processing, be it cutting, sorting, portioning, packaging, it promises to a be worthy investment for your needs and thusly our range of the conveyor belt for poultry and meat magnifies productivity while complying the comprehensive set of the sanitation regulation.

Meat Poultry Conveyor belts Manufacturer in Ludhiana, India

Best Features of Our Conveyor Belts for Meat And Poultry:

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