India’s Chief Cut Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

While there are applications like cutting, gauging, mining, conveyor belt must need to be cut resilient, however the great force & impact of large materials during the application has caused failure of conveyor belts. To this point our cut resistant conveyor belt is reinforced and hence protects it from the cut and gouge during the application. This cut resistant conveyor belt is made in accordance with the international quality standards with the use of vulcanized PVC/PU material sharing the high cut resistance index, which not only fulfill the cut resistant requirement of the end user but also ensures highest safety and reliability all through its life cycle. The material used in the construction is vulcanized by means of the cutting edge technology and also undergoes the stern cut resistance before using that fairly has empowered to gain the determined quality range of the cut resistant conveyor belt that has become the worthy companion of hundreds of industries.

Cut Resistant Conveyor Belt supplier & Manufacturer in Coimbatore, India

If you are also a victim of the premature failure due to the cutting, gouging or high impact force causing fracture of carcass, then our cut resistant conveyor belt can be a worthy investment for you, which has already proven its strength in core, mining, glass, metal, granite, hard rock, limestone and ore by impeccably conveying the material to the destination and exhibiting outstanding resistance against cutting, high impact, gouging that is the major concern of the end user. Other than, the water, heat, corrosion, impact, chemical, oil resilient attributes is extra perks you can avail by investing in our cut resistant conveyor belt. No matter what size or length you required for your application need, we provide you the broadest assortment in the cut resistant conveyor belt to propose wide alternatives. Other than, in not matching specific requirement, one can avail our customized range of the conveyor belt, exclusively designed and developed to your requirements, available at the best rates in the market.

Significant Benefits of Our Cut Resistant Conveyor Belt:

  • The excellent resistance to cut secures carcass from damage
  • The best incorporation of vulcanized PVC/PU material ensures longer service life
  • Performs unfailingly, even under the harshest environments
  • Best suited for cutting, gouging and conveying sharp edge materials
  • The resistivity against oil, chemical, water and heat are extra perks;
  • The high impact strength to low weight ratio is best bet for low cost transportation
  • Low power consumption and vibration free transportation
  • Promise to outlast over the period and prevents catastrophe

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