Dot Pattern Conveyor Belt

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Being in the allied domain for the long enough time, we know the need of the different industries better and endeavor to come up with a solution that is perfect for their application requirement. For an instance, for a barely inclined conveying, there is no need to spend a higher amount for the extra grip conveyor belt, a simply patterned conveyor belt is quite enough. With the same purpose of delivering exactly what customer requires, we introduce dot pattern conveyor belt, which has designed to meet the gripping need of flat or slightly inclined conveying of the light duty conveying material. The embossed dot pattern at the certain distance imparts adequate holding during the conveying of the light duty products. This dot pattern conveyor belt is truly designed to slash the cost of the industries dealing with the tobacco and other light duty applications incorporating, airports, treadmills, food, drinks, chemical, pharma, printing, wood, medicine, etc.

The material of construction is as usual PVC/PU that is excellent against the corrosion, chemical, heat, fat, and heat, whereas its non porous characteristic prevent the accumulation of the bacteria and promote easy cleaning of the same, ensures high level of hygiene, essential for the food, pharma and medicine applications.  The material is non toxic too, and hence there is no health associated risk while used in the food applications. Further, this dot pattern conveyor belt is precision made under the strict watch and hence conform highest quality standards and promise for highest safety, quality and reliability throughout. No matter what width or length you require, our dot patent conveyor belt is available in any size you desire, whereas tailor made is our best selling range of the same, available at the best prices in the market.

Dot pattern Conveyor Belt exporter in Indore, M.P, India

Significant Benefits of Our Dot Pattern Conveyor Belt:

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