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While conveyor belt has become the indispensable part of the material handling indsutry, the requirement of the specific type of conveyor belt is gradually increasing and to match with the pace of the industries, we manufacturer of the conveyor belts bring off specifically configured range of the saw tooth conveyor belt. As the name delineates, it is sawtooth type design that aids in transporting the loose material at the inclined angle with an ease. The PVC/PU rubber material in the construction of this saw tooth conveyor belt ensures its food safety as well as resistance against oil, water, heat, which is an extra perk of investing in our conveyor belt for food applications. The combination of the rubber material and simple saw tooth profile promotes easy cleaning followed by the each conveying operation and maintain notable hygiene that is imperative, especially in the food applications.

The entire portfolio of our saw tooth conveyor belt is accredited by the ISO and FDA for fulfilling their requirements that empowers its quotient of food safety and reliability, which has become the choice for conveying tea leaves, foodstuff, tobacco, fish and parallel food products to effectually convey at the inclined steeple without failing. The size and shape of the saw tooth may vary as per the application need and that we provide upon the customer request, which we called customized solution. Correspondingly, for the wet application of this belt, we counsel to incorporate this saw tooth profile at the bottom of the belt to enhance its reliability during the transmission and ensure impeccable conveying under wet surroundings. Other than, we are also pleased to help you in selecting the perfect dimensioned profile, if you find it difficult to select yourself. Our saw tooth conveyor belt is outperforming in the different food industries and delivering high returns on investment, to get the one contact us today.

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Significant Benefits of Our Saw Tooth Conveyor Belt:

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