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The versatility quotient of the PU material has made it an unparallel material of construction for innovative solutions; amid conveyor belt is one of. Leveraging the extremely versatile property of the Polyurethane, we have accomplished the unmatched conveying solutions to sort out the conveying needs of the different industries and that’s what has allowed us to stand out as a legendary PU conveyor belt manufacturer in India. Our PU conveyor belts safe and flexible this is what everyone wants in their automation system to achieve higher efficiency, in addition to the cost effectiveness  and is a mainstay of our stardom in the industries associated with the material handling.

Leveraging the PU properties is solely depends on the individual, and we have that ability through the extensive experience, enabling us to understand the material thoroughly and seize to the farthest and provide unbeaten quality of the PU conveyor belts those are outstanding for light, medium and heavy duty load conveying requirements, wherein PU (Polyurethane) is used for the coating of its belt. Further, we use the vulcanizing technology to vary the strength of the PU material and proffer you the widest portfolio of the Polyurethane conveyor belt to match with conveying requirement of different industries. The coating of the PU material imparts significant strength and considerable wear resistance to the respective conveyor belt and ultimately the matchless longevity at low cost that no other can.

PU Conveyor Belts Manufacturer in Delhi, India

There are two main types of belt conveyors – flat and troughed. A flat belt conveyor is generally used for bags, bottles, boxes and other packaged materials, although under certain conditions, loose material in bulk, such as soap, may also be satisfactorily handled. A troughed belt conveyor enables the loading capacity to be increased by over 60% without danger of spillage and is suitable for almost any bulk material in a dry damp or semi – wet condition. It is due to this flexibility, that belt conveyors are used in almost all industries handling bulk material cement, steel, fertilizers, food, etc., to name a few.

Our PU conveyor belt is available in the different colors, hardness, layers, compounds and patterns (Top Rough, Sawtooth, Raised Rib, Lozenge Pattern, Dot Pattern, Chevron, Diamond top, etc), each satisfies ISO quality standards as well as FDA standards of food and health and thereby is ideal for the industrial as well as food applications. There are no boundaries to access our PU conveyor belt, it can be used for roofing, agriculture, meat, poultry, food packaging, wood, marble, brick, cardboard, tyre, metalworking, mining, detergent, printing, and many of others for which you find our PU conveyor belt a commendable investment.

Whether you are looking for inclusion of cleats, side walls, guides or specific thickness, strength and layers of the PU conveyor belt, our adept team can make it done for you at the most competitive rates, by concentrating on your specifications abreast international standards during the manufacturing. Hundreds of industries all across India reaping benefits of high strength, high flexibility and low elongation aspects of our custom made PU conveyor belt that you also can by contacting us today.

Significant Benefits of Our PU Conveyor Belt

A belt conveyor has the advantages of simplicity of construction, high efficiency and low frictional loss resulting in low power needs and the economy in upkeep. It may be horizontal or inclined or a combination of both and can be arranged to convey material up or down an incline.

  • Excellent Hardness:
    The employment of the PU material imparts unmatched hardness to each PU conveyor belt and longevity even under the harshest conditions.
  • High Load Bearing Capacity:
    Our PU conveyor belt shares high load bearing capacity, thanks to the high strength capacity of the PU material which is enabling our conveyor belt to excel even in both high tension and compression.
  • Flexibility:
    The excellent elongation and fast recovery property of PU material makes our PU conveyor belt best in class even for high fatigue applications.
  • Excellent Against Abrasion & Tear:
    Our PU conveyor belt is highly resistive against abrasion and tear, thanks to the high tensile properties of the PU material.
  • Best for Water, Grease, Oil:
    Our PU conveyor belt has no impact on the water, grease and oil even after long periods and hence is famous for such applications too.
  • High Resiliency:
    Our PU conveyor belt has the high shock absorbing capacity that apparently reduces the wastage caused by the vibration.
  • High Temperature Resistance:
    Our PU conveyor belts are temperature resistive and hence is ideal for the harsh environmental conditions
  • Chemically Inert:
    The chemically inert property of our PU conveyor belt makes it a cost effective approach for the chemical processing industries.
  • Totally Hygienic:
    The offered PU conveyor belts do not impose the growth of fungal and bacteria and therefore is also suitable for the tropical environments and food applications.
  • Affordable:
    The material used in the composition of the PU conveyor belt is available at the best rates along with our highly efficient manufacturing processes makes it more affordable range for your requirements.
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