Detergent powder is a composition of the different types of chemicals, however, what remains invariably is chemicals and therefore, while it is a call for the detergent industries, a chemical resilient conveyor belt is obligatory. Other than fat, oil and many other compounds are common with the detergent affair, noting every essentiality of the detergent industries and leveraging the experience & properties of PVC/PU material, we introduce specially manufactured gamut of the conveyor belts for detergent industry. This conveyor belt for detergent industry is assured of excellent chemical resistance against any of the chemicals used in, be it, Citrates, Silicates, phosphates, carbonates, and zeolites, sodium silicate, sodium, Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine or any other, our conveyor belts are non reactive to them and hence guarantee to deliver outstanding performance and deliver best possible profits.

Other than chemical resistance, the material used in the construction is excellent against water, oil, abrasion, corrosion and therefore delivers completely sanitized conveyor belt for your detergent manufacturing task. In addition to the enormous advantages the low price of this conveyor belt has influenced the detergent industries to invest in and reap the maximum out of it, the huge list of clientele and the acclimation from them is enough testimony of our triumph in the detergent conveyor belt. Our conveyor belt meets all standards of the safety and reliability regulations and available in the manifold range of the dimensions, invests once and enjoy perk lifetime. Cleats, sidewall, different patterned profiles can be customized for the successfully conveying under rigorous environments or at steeple angles.

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Best Features of Our Conveyor Belts for Detergent Industry:

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