The Eco friendly nature of the cardboard is becoming the first approach in this highly polluted era that not only ease the transportation of the goods, but also ensure the safety of thereof, manifests the growing use of cardboards in every sector of manufacturing. To match with this, industries are relying upon the automation and to promote make the automation effective, we provide the backing of the highest quality conveyor belt for cardboard. The offered conveyor belt for cardboard is made of the PVC/PU material to convey the high impact strength, whereas the multiply construction by means of the hot vulcanization is carried out to convey high durability even for the heavy loads. The entire manufactured enacted under the strict quality control processes, the finished product ensured to be international quality standard compliant and hence assure for the farthest safety and reliability along through its life.

As the cardboard surface remains flat, to prevent it from the slippage, the top cover of the cardboard conveyor belt has kept rough enough that shares significant co-efficient of friction, helps seize the cardboard effectively even at the inclined conveying of thereof. This conveyor belt is ideally used for any size of the cardboard conveying without any fret of the failure and therefore is becoming a trustworthy investment in the packaging industries to convey cardboard effectively. The impeccable conveying of the cardboard also increases the productivity of the industry and ultimately the profit at the end of the fiscal year and that is what makes an investment in our conveyor belt for cardboard truly worthy. This cardboard conveyor belt can be accessible in the different range of the specifications and also with the sidewalls, cleats and different patterned profile to get the best suited one for your needs.

Cardboard conveyor belts suppler In Ahmedabad Gujarat, India

Best Features of Our Conveyor Belts for Cardboard:

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